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by DaCeilon
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Here start your visit. Enjoy! ...

Welcome to ""!

You will find on this page handmade lighting objects made of soapstone and alabaster.
The most diverse kinds of soapstone, alabaster, aluminum, brass, steel, wood, etc... are combined.
The uniqueness of the material creates luminous objects, each of which is unique!

In addition, I present my projects on this page, which need not necessarily have something to do with soapstone, but take some of my time! Just click on the tab "PROJEKTE"!

In the "NEWS" you will find the latest "state of affairs"!     >"NEWS"<  
Or just visit me on facebook (german)...

I would like to point out that this is a hobby of mine and I pursue no commercial purpose!
However, I can not set up all the objects at home. So, if anyone is interested in an available lighting object, or even needs an exclusive gift:
just write ...

Many thanks to all who support me so much!

More information about my site will be available soon!
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