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August 2023:
20.08.2: UPDATE:
Hello, my dears!
Of course I'm still actively tinkering, but unfortunately I keep running out of time!
News only available in german this time...
September 2022:
14.09.22: UPDATE:
Hello, my dears!
Of course I'm still actively tinkering, but unfortunately I keep running out of time!
The budgerigars have now been with me for almost three months. The aviary is of course already
long done!
I also added a 100W panel to the solar system and did a few indoor fountain experiments
did. This resulted in my first cement indoor fountain...
I also expanded my music page and developed a few songs.
Just take a look. >DROHNENFLUG<
Now that the "grey" time is beginning again, I'll take care of the homepages more.
Just keep checking back!
LG, Michael
May 2022:
01.05.22: Indoor aviary:
I think the budgies will move in within the next three weeks! :-)
April 2022:
02.04.22: Two weeks ago I started planning an indoor aviary:
The planning and construction is complete and the collection of materials is also complete.
January 2022:
21.01.22: Finally started a little handicraft project again:
"Foldable drone launch platform" made of wood...
01.01.22: Update:
Happy new year!
Counter: 11510
June 2021:
24.06.21: The handicraft and gardening season has me fully under control!
Due to the nice weather, I'm not at the computer that often at the moment, but the projects and pictures
will all be delivered later!
Just stop by again and again ...

May 2021:
13.05.21: The Innsect Hotel. >click here<
06.05.21: Today I was finally able to continue working on the "indoor fountain".
04.05.21: The Bow is broken! :-(
April 2021:
20.04.12: Glued bow handle.
20.04.12: It´s going well! ...
12.04.12: started my first own bow project:

15.04.12: "planer exercise"
12.04.12: "Pimp the Longbow":
I have for me on April 10th. started a new project!
One of my passions is archery. Since I've been the "Olympic Recurve" bow for some time
doesn't hurt so much, I bought a simple "longbow".
A very affordable entry-level model.
I would now like to "pimp" this with the help of various tutorials. Just come with me!

05.04.21: "Virus Race": NEW Video is online! >click here<
05.04.20: "Update":
The homepage was converted and reloaded on the server.
January 2021:
28.01.21: FIMO-Tests.
21.01.21: Today I cut glass for the first time. Is just a simple project, but if it is
finished, I'll show you!
01.01.21: Update:
Happy new year!
Counter: 7721
December 2020:
12.12.20: Start of a new hobby...
November 2020:
22.11.20: "UPDATE":
Unfortunately, I can't do that much in the workshop and on the computer at the moment ...
But please keep checking back!
Greetings and good health,
Your Michael!
September 2020:
24.09.20: "Lighthouse light":
Today a small-large interim tinkering was finished.
I've always wanted to build an all-round light. Some time ago I had the idea and all the components together.
It works flawlessly and I'll post it on the site soon ...
Be curious!
19.09.20: "Wallpaper":
Hello! I've set up a new subgroup for the Wallpaper section.
From today you can download 4k wallpapers for your computer there!
The resolution is 3840 x 2160 px...
Have fun!
>click here<

July 2020:
26.07.20: "The solar year":
This time, I'll show you how you can easily use a small solar water pump to
or build a balcony fountain! Have lots of fun with it!

June 2020:
06.06.20  Update:
Hello friends!
Even though it is very quiet on the site at the moment, I am of course still active!
This is simply because a lot of handicrafts run at the same time and actually none
is finished ...
But please stay true to the page and check back from time to time!
Best regards, Michael.
May 2020:
06.05.20: balcony garden:
Today I planted lemon seeds for the first time.
Let's see what becomes of them!
April 2020:
20.04.20: "Render-Time":
Hello friends! At the moment I am mainly interested in render and computer animation.
This takes a lot of time to test and try ...
Of course, I will not forget the main topic of my page, and if there is something new post here.
Please continue to visit my page and inform yourself!
Best regards and stay healthy!
Your Michael

Meanwhile, a few new pictures:

March 2020:
06.03.20: Homepage-Moving
January 2020:
12.01.20: "Render-Time":

12.01.20: "Villa Meisenknoedel":
New Camera-Settings...
10.01.20: "The Windmil":
After the wind turbine had been in operation for over five years, I took it down today.
Not because it stopped working, but because a neighbor complained ...

05.01.20: Update:
After a long time I finally started again with a stone: "Selenas Tower".
Let yourself be surprised!

01.01.20: Update:
Whis you a happy new Year!
Counter: 6215
December 2019:
31.12.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
The "Villa Meisenknoedel" has started operation! Everything worked and worked great,
as required. Now only the first guests have to come again!

28.12.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
The new camera is being tested!
20.12.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
The video lights are finished and installed!

12.12.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
The windows are mounted and also the interior work progresses!
03.12.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":

04.12.19: Counter - 5959
01.12.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
The roof was primed

01.12.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
Assembly-Time: The windows have arrived and also the bottom plate!

November 2019:
27.11.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
26.11.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
New equipment has arrived!
20.11.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel 3":
All parts are prepared. The "VM3" becomes more stable than the "VM2"!
And the pre-assembly has begun!

19.11.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel":
Unfortunately I saw today that the old "Villa Meisenknödel" slowly dissolves ...
Since I'll probably have to build a new one!

Have a look at the last video >click here<
19.11.19: Counter 5775
October 2019:
29.10.19: "Villa Meisenknoedel":
Reopening Season 2019 / 2020!
Just take a look at how I built the "VM2" (many pictures!): >click here<
14.10.19: "Movie-Light III":
Finally found time to continue with the controller ...
September 2019:
So I filled the raised bed: >click here<

08.09.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
So I build the raised bed: >click here<

07.09.19: "intermediate tinkering":
The tablet-carrier is online. >click here<

04.09.19: "intermediate tinkering":
Today I started a "Window - charging - holder".

03.09.19: "intermediate tinkering":
Today I started a second "tablet carrier".
The first one is finished and great, but I have the angle a bit too flat
August 2019:
26.08.19: "extra tinkering":
Today I started a special "tablet carrier".

19.08.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Further work on the "solar power switch". More work than expected!

21.08.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":

19.08.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Further work on the "solar power switch".

19.08.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT": much work...

07.08.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The "Room-Fountain-Project" - first Pictures.

06.08.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Finally, I have had some time to enjoy the "Room-Fountain-Project"
to be continued ...
Unfortunately, I did not manage to upload pictures to the homepage.
But just visit me on "facebook"! > click here <
July 2019:
15.07.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Today I'll show you how I built the bracket for the 30 watt panel:

14.07.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Today I'll show you how I built the bracket for the 5 watt panel:

06.07.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Everything grows crazy, only the herbs are a bit difficult ...

June 2019:
16.06.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The tomato-stairs are ready and the tomatoes are repotted.

08.06.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The raised bed takes on its first forms. However, I had everything a lot
presented easier! But really fun!

May 2019:
31.05.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The raised bed is filled and the first plants are repotted.
22.05.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The raised bed takes shape!

22.05.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Some time ago I decided to use my balconies more.
That's why I bought a raised bed and I am now busy with it ...
April 2019:
27.04.19: Beas Stein "Cat´s Eye" is online. >klick here<

16.04.19: The base of alabaster is finished drilled and ground,
and maybe today I can glue the rock crystal ...

15.04.19: After a long, long time started again with a stone ...
He will be great too! I see him in front of me!

14.04.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
All solar cells are working and the batteries are being charged ...

10.04.19: "UPDATE-INFO":
The first visitor from china!! 你好中国!

09.04.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The holders for the solar cells take shape ...

06.04.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Soon there will be new pictures! Everything is finally taking shape! Just awesome!
March 2019:
28.03.19: "UPDATE-INFO":
Today I have seen and stored many electronic components:

27.03.19: "Room Fountain":
Switches built into the base.

24.03.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
And there is something to repair ...

24.03.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
It is screwed and experimented ...

20.03.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
Today I tinkered a little further and I am really satisfied with the results!

18.03.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The 50 watt panel gets a transition tripod.

17.03.19: "UPDATE-INFO":
The first visitor from israel!... !שלום ישראל

16.03.19: "UPDATE-INFO":
The first visitor from france!... Bonjour france!

12.03.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The 50 watt panel has arrived...

11.03.19: "Room Fountain":
Today I have continued to work on the lighting.

10.03.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
A little tinkering started...

09.03.19: "The SUN-YEAR-PROJEKT":
The experiments are going great! And is also mounted ...

08.03.19: "UPDATE-INFO":
The "welcome - site" in english is online.

07.03.19: "Room Fountain":
The electronics are ready and everything works wonderfully!

06.03.19: "Room Fountain":
The electronics are almost done.

05.03.19: "UPDATE-INFO":
I've seen a few international visitors
land on my side. That's why it will soon be the most important information
also in English! I just do not know exactly how to start ...

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